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Il Pomodoro Restaurant
Call to Reserve: +39 0789 931626
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Il Pomodoro Restaurant

Il Pomodoro glorifies the humble tomato, with each dish telling a story. Recipes that have passed from mother to daughter, neighbor to neighbor and town to town. Menus that complement the traditional Classico1976 à la carte with the new sharing concept TerraMare.


  • Opening Hours
  • Restaurant
  • 12.30-14.30 / 19.30 -23.00
  • Pizzeria
  • 12.30 -14.30 / 19.30 -23.30
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Il Pomodoro Restaurant
Recipes that have passed from mother to daughter, neighbor-to-neighbor and town to town.
Pizzeria e ristorante
Pizza and Classico1976 menu A timeless classic since 1976: choose à la carte from a selection of delicious dishes and tasty pizzas in an intimate and traditional ambiance.
Our Concept
TerraMare Menu Land and sea, share the table with an authentic culinary experience by tasting Sardinia’s most traditional dishes a few steps away from the Piazzetta.