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Il Pomodoro Restaurant
Call to Reserve: +39 0789 931626
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Il Pomodoro Restaurant

Il Pomodoro is a window into Mediterranean life and culture; it is a celebration of the humble tomato where every dish embraces its presence no matter how big or small. Each dish is simple but tells a story.


  • Opening Hours
  • 19.30 - 23.30

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Il Pomodoro Restaurant
Recipes that have passed from mother to daughter, neighbor-to-neighbor and town to town.
Pizzeria e ristorante
Traditional dishes and Pizza A timeless classic since 1976: choose à la carte from a selection of delicious dishes and tasty pizzas in an intimate and traditional ambiance.
Our Concept
Terra e Mare Land and sea, share the table with an authentic culinary experience by tasting Sardinia's most traditional dishes a few steps away from the Piazzetta.